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How the new BulkPak program from TerraCycle is helping businesses meet sustainability targets

How the new BulkPak program from TerraCycle is helping businesses meet sustainability targets

As companies move into 2021 and set new corporate goals for the year and beyond, the main question of environmentally aware executives is, "How do you set sustainability goals that benefit the health and future of both the business and its customers without breaking the bank?" 

To help establish, implement and meet these new sustainability targets - all within the corporate budget, TerraCycle Regulated Waste has announced the new BulkPak Recycling Program. This new system allows companies the freedom of bulk freight recycling, with the convenience and affordability of the return-by-mail EasyPak service. 

Designed as an all-in-one, mixed pallet solution for numerous regulated waste streams, customers simply select the EasyPak box assortment that best suits their needs and TCRW places all the required supplies on a pallet and ships it. Within seventy-two hours of ordering, companies are able to provide a fully compliant regulated waste recycling program that allows for simple set-up, collection and storage.

The following BulkPak Programs are now available:
Universal Waste Program BulkPak - Designed for customers who want a fully compliant universal waste program. The pallet contains a starter kit with supplies along with prepaid freight shipping for a wide range of universal waste items including e-waste, fluorescent lights, batteries, and more.

Lighting Retrofit Project BulkPak - Designed with busy contractors or facility managers in mind, this package offers a convenient solution for recycling lighting waste generated during LED conversion projects. 

Property Management BulkPak - Best suited for facilities with a goal of being "waste free." This package offers recycling solutions for typically unrecyclable items that can that cannot be processed by municipal recycling centres, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) waste, coffee pods, cups, lids and stirrers, etc.  

BulkPak for Safety - Perfect for any business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and looking for a recycling solution for PPE waste. Items collected include protective gloves, masks, and safety equipment. 

"The new BulkPak Recycling program is a great opportunity for businesses to start 2021 on the right foot," said Kevin Flynn, Global Vice President of TerraCycle Operations and Director of TerraCycle Regulated Waste. "Designed to meet and exceed the needs of busy managers and business owners, BulkPak gives them the power to implement a customized and streamlined recycling program so they can meet their sustainability goals without any of the high costs or headaches."

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