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Transforming the belt conveyor into a powerful self cleaning magnetic separator

Eriez permanent or electric magnetic pulleys provide automatic removal of unwanted iron

Eriez Permanent Magnet Axial Interpole Pulleys

Permanent and Electric Magnetic Pulleys from Eriez automatically separate heavy tramp iron contaminants from conveyor transported materials. Customers can convert their belt conveyor into a powerful self cleaning magnetic separator simply by adding an Eriez Magnetic Pulley.

Eriez Magnetic Pulleys provide ideal automatic removal of unwanted iron from materials conveyed on belts to prevent machinery damage and product contamination for sand, gravel, limestone, recycling, wood products, food, chemical, mining, rock products, ceramic, paper, plastic and rubber, coal handling and foundry operations.

All Eriez Permanent Magnet Axial Interpole Pulleys are constructed of quality steel center tubes with welded dividers to securely hold magnet stacks. Standard pulley models use powerful ceramic magnets in an axial interpole circuit.

High quality Eriez Magnetic Pulleys are built to stand up to the harsh demands of severe applications involving extra long conveyors, heavy loads or start-stop operations. Units are finish painted and hub bore holes are coated to prevent rust or pitting. 

Eriez Magnetic Pulleys are offered in a wide range of diameters to satisfy customers' unique needs. Larger sizes can be built to order. Options available in the Magnetic Pulley line include custom pulley face widths, shafts and lagging.

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