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Initiative aims to create consistent measurement for plastics packaging value chain


RecyClass, which is run by Plastics Recyclers Europe, is an initiative to create a consistent measurement for the plastics packaging value chain both to analyze its current output and find the best way to improve recyclability. 

RecyClassUK, which will be managed by RECOUP, will evaluate rigid plastic packaging in terms of recyclability, classifying the packs from class A (recyclable) to class F (not recyclable). A report will be provided, along with further steps and recommendations, to achieve greater recyclability of the item. 

The certification provides reassurance to the plastic packaging supply chain and compliments the existing practical pack reviews at sorting facilities that RECOUP provides to members and non-members. 

This certification scheme is beginning at a time when the UK is going through various consultations and legislative changes designed to incentivise and pressure plastic packaging producers to make their products more recyclable and environmentally friendly. These changes, most notably, modulated fees through Extended Producer Responsibility and requirements to meet 30% recycled content through a Plastic Packaging Tax, are due to be implemented within the next few years.

Stuart Foster, Chief Executive Officer of RECOUP, said of the scheme: "Over the past 30 years RECOUP have provided support for organisations to understand and improve the recyclability of plastic packaging. This includes the ongoing review and understanding of each step of the plastic recycling journey, reviews of specific packaging items, publicly available guidance, and case studies. There has been increased demand for RECOUP to certify plastic packaging and ensure a recognised central and consistent point for plastic packaging recyclability reviews in the UK, also ensuring alignment internationally where possible. We are looking forward to working with the RecyClass platform which provides a fantastic opportunity to not only deliver these aims, but also evolve and align the recyclability certification opportunity as part of a network.""

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