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ISRI position on recycled plastic content encouraging manufacturers to design for recycling

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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries' (ISRI) new position on minimum recycled plastic content for manufacturers is based on Design for Recycling principles and encourages efforts that will help spur demand for recycled plastics from the manufacturing sector. 

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries says it supports legislation that expands the use of recycled plastic in applications that are appropriate, noting these levels will vary by application and type of plastic, as well as efforts by manufacturers and brand owners to increase the use of recycled plastic resin beyond legislated levels and applications, when possible.

ISRI also supports manufacturers incorporating the principles of Design for Recycling® (DfR) to ensure their products are more easily recycled, stakeholder efforts that seek to increase plastic recycling through public education, outreach and advocacy to meet growing demand for recycled plastic, and efforts that look at the life cycle assessment of a plastic product to help manufacturers make informed choices on the inclusion of recycled plastic resin. 

ISRI's Design for Recycling® principles encourage manufacturers to consider the ultimate destiny of their products during the design-stage of development, which in turn supports the use of more recycled content in new products, which is not only an environmentally responsible activity, but one that strengthens the economy by creating jobs and investment opportunities.

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