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First plastics industry program to certify post-consumer resin seeing faster acceptance than anticipated

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The first industry program to certify postconsumer resin (PCR) for use in packaging has seen much faster acceptance in the marketplace than anticipated, according to the organization that introduced the program in late March.

The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), which created The APR PCR Certification Program, stated that the effort has experienced growth in both the number of APR member companies that manufacture certified PCR, as well as APR endorsed companies that provide third party certification of PCR.

"As oil prices continue to plunge, we have seen virgin plastics being fraudulently sold as PCR," commented Steve Alexander, APR President & CEO. "Consumer Brand Companies looking to fulfill publicly stated sustainability commitments can feel confident that APR's PCR Certification Program adheres to a clear, consistent definition of PCR. This program ensures that PCR receives the value it deserves."

The current list of APR members that manufacture certified PCR includes:

  • Avangard Innovative, LP
  • EFS-Plastics Inc.
  • Envision Plastics
  • Merlin Plastics
  • Revolution
  • Trigon Plastics

"The APR PCR Certification Program promotes the critical link between the reclaimer manufacturing PCR and companies incorporating PCR into their products," stated Jaime Camara, CEO of PetStar and Chair of the APR Board of Directors. "The success of plastic recycling relies on consistent demand for PCR from brand companies and manufacturers. Companies and consumers must look beyond low prices. Recycling and using recycled content are the key ingredients to circularity, vital to best serving consumers, and creating a more sustainable, less wasteful world."

The current list of APR endorsed certifiers includes:

  • AM Testing & Services, Inc.
  • Green Circle Certified, LLC
  • SCS Global Services
  • UL Verification Services Inc.

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