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Agilyx announces launch of Cyclyx International, focused on feedstock management

New company to focus on increasing recyclability of post-use plastics

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Agilyx Corporation, a leader in chemical recycling, today announced that it is leveraging its existing post-use plastic feedstock management system to create a new subsidiary company Cyclyx International, Inc.

The overarching goal of Cyclyx is to dramatically increase the recyclability of post-use plastics with a priority for fully circular pathways as well as assisting in the development of new supply chains that will aggregate and preprocess larger volumes of post-use plastics than current systems can support. 

Over the last 16 years, through extensive research and commercial operations, Agilyx has developed the industry´s largest database and predictive analytics around the chemical complexity embedded in waste plastics. In 2019 Agilyx entered into a partnership with General Electric through its Licensing and Research divisions to develop artificial intelligence ("AI"), machine learning ("ML") and predictive modeling ("PM") and optimization tools that utilize Agilyx's extensive data and domain knowledge to significantly increase plastic recycling rates for all post-use plastics and create new recycling pathways.  

The Cyclyx platform has been developed to be an industry consortium comprised of partners across the value chain, which will enable Agilyx and GE to have much broader impact across the many other industry sectors with its innovative plastic recycling solutions. Cyclyx is currently establishing partnerships with many companies in diverse sectors, including petrochemical, waste and recycling, retail, brand owners as well as municipalities. Over the coming months, Cyclyx will highlight these relationships through additional announcements. 

"As a company striving to increase global plastic recovery, we have found that the data generated over our history can be used as a key tool to greatly expand and accelerate the recycling of post-use plastics," stated Joe Vaillancourt, CEO of Agilyx. "We initially developed Cyclyx to help source plastic feedstocks appropriate for facilities we are currently developing on three different continents. We quickly discovered that our process was greatly needed by others in the advanced recycling as well as mechanical recycling industries. As a result, we have created Cyclyx so that Agilyx and many other companies can work together to help bridge that gap." 

"The launch of Cyclyx and efforts to establish new partnerships will expand the impact GE's digital solutions have in the recycling of post-use plastics across multiple industries," said Pat Patnode, President and CEO, GE Licensing. "As we take on new datasets and challenges with new Consortium partners, the AI team at GE Research will be able to build more robust AI, ML and predictive modeling and analytics tools that not only expand in industry applications but also lead to further improvements in recycling solutions."

GE has successfully developed and applied innovative digital solutions across its major industry sectors in aviation, energy, healthcare and transportation that have delivered more efficient products and services and created hundreds of millions of dollars in new business value for GE and its customers. It has accomplished this by harnessing its deep industry domain knowledge and expertise in the physical sciences to inform and create new digital capabilities with AL, ML, and predictive modeling and analytics at GE's Research Center. GE is now applying that model with Agilyx to deliver transformational improvements in plastics recycling. 

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