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Brohn Tech EPS densifier awarded Innovator of the Year

Styro-Hybrid provides for mobile expanded polystyrene collection

Brohn Tech EPS foam densifier
The Brohn Tech EPS densifier in operation at a City park collection point.

The Styro-Hybrid EPS densifier from Brohn Tech LLC was recently awarded a 2019 Innovator of the Year Award by the NWRA. These machines are designed specifically to densify used EPS (expanded polystyrene, aka styrofoam) for disposal or recycling and can be taken anywhere. 

Brohn Tech's Brien Ohnemus holding a densified foam brick next to a recycled EPS end product.

According to Brohn Tech owner and founder, Brien Ohnemus, "The system requires no electricity, making it the ideal solution for curbside or collection point compaction of the foam. These machines convert a 4-foot by 5-foot, 2-inch thick foam board into a block the size of a brick." 

The 2020 Styro-Hybrid EPS densifier is powered by a Honda GX commercial drive motor, and uses dual helical stage-one shredders and hyper head secondary compression technology. 

Units are available stationary or trailer-mounted, are 67-inches in length by 24-inches deep, by 59-inches high and weigh 700 pounds. Material input capacity is 16 inches by 38 inches. Output density is 35 pounds per cubic foot at a rate of 75 pounds per hour. 

For our 2019 coverage of Brohn Tech and a video of EPS densification in action, follow this LINK.

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