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Indonesia to grant grace period for new exporter registration requirements

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The Government of Indonesia has agreed to ISRI's request to implement a grace period for the new registration requirement. Exporters have until October 1 to comply. 

Grace period

 Exporters are encouraged to begin the registration process as early as possible. Shipments arriving into Indonesia before October 1 can be released as long as it has been inspected prior to shipment and the importer is licensed. For shipments arriving beginning on October 1, the importer will need a revised license that includes proof of the exporter's registration.  


Exporters of any and all scrap commodities to customers in Indonesia may apply.  Furthermore, the requirements laid out in our previous alert apply to U.S. exporters and material supplied from the United States only. Affiliates and partners in other countries - and material supplied from other countries - must check with the Indonesian Embassy in the home country for information on how to register in that country.

Registration payment

 The registration costs US$125 and is to be paid by money order payable to the Indonesian mission to which the application is being submitted, such as the "Embassy of Indonesia" if applying in Washington, DC, or the "Consulate of Indonesia" if applying to any of the consulates in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco.

U.S. Government compliance 

The registration process is being run solely by the Indonesian Government. The U.S. federal government does not validate the documents required for this registration. The Certificate of Good Standing comes from the Secretary of State of the Governor's office of the state in which the company is registered.

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