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Sennebogen electric drive waste handler getting the job done with zero emissions

Q&A with Marius Pedersen A/S: Clean power is key when rethinking the strategy to reduce environmental impact in waste management

The Sennebogen 821
The Sennebogen 821

Danish waste processing company Marius Pedersen A/S recently invested in a new electrically powered Sennebogen 821 M material handler, which the company says was brought into their operation to help achieve the goal of efficient waste handling with zero emissions. 

Marius Pedersen is working to reduce the environmental impact of their waste management activities. With the recent commissioning of an innovative electrically powered material handler by Sennebogen, Marius Pedersen has completely modernized its processes. 

Sennebogen spoke with Ronnie Fegge, Regional Manager at Marius Pedersen, and Morten Espersen from UN Mobilkraner, the local SENNEBOGEN dealer, about the company's reorientation and why it is now time to switch to cleaner equipment power.

Sennebogen: Mr. Fegge, you are relying on an electrically powered material handler. Why is it essential for you to rethink your company's strategy right now?

Ronnie Fegge: In 2016, we carried out a series of renovations at Marius Pedersen and started to make the company ready to embrace the future. We simply had to keep up with current technology and this involved switching to systems that provide power capacity for electrical machines when their use becomes relevant. As a recycling company, we are all pleased that we have been able to reduce the environmental impact of our daily operations and improve the working environment with the new Sennebogen. It is a pure win-win situation for us, as the machine requires less maintenance and will deliver a longer service life.

Sennebogen: With more than 30 years of experience in the project planning of electrical material handling solutions, we have already been able to implement numerous projects and help our customers to consider electric drive options. What was the motivating factor for you, to go with the 821 M equipped with an electric drive?

RF: First, we created the infrastructure during the renovation work, then we had to replace some of our machines. We set out to find the right solution to meet our requirements. On a visit to Sweden, we had the opportunity to see an electrically operated Sennebogen in action. We put the machine through its paces there to find out whether the Swedish approach would be transferable to our case: an indoor application with very low ceiling heights. We also needed flexibility to move in order to optimize use of the storage space in our large hall. After that experience, we were no longer in doubt. We made an agreement with UN Mobilkraner to deliver that very machine configuration. The end result is that this enabled us to give this megatrend around alternative drive systems a chance in our company as well. 

Sennebogen: Mr. Espersen, as the Project Manager, how were you finally able to convince your contacts at Marius Pedersen of the mobile electrical version of the 821 E-Series?

Morten Espersen: After our joint visit to Sweden, the decision was almost made on the spot. The case of the Swedish recycler was very similar, which is why those responsible at Marius Pedersen have now made this decision. We are very pleased to have delivered a new, electrically driven material handler to a company that previously relied entirely on diesel driven machines. A completely new approach to the recycling industry in this country but one that shows all the more that in many cases an electric alternative can work. With the mobile electrical solution from Sennebogen, the company not only saves fuel and operating costs but also reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and fine dust particles. This was a brilliant decision considering the company's new environmental strategy.

Sennebogen: Finally, Mr. Fegge, we would like to talk to you about the project planning itself. Can you sum up your experience?

RF: The cooperation with UN Mobilkraner, our Sennebogen dealer, were great. Delivery and commissioning worked perfectly. What impressed me most was the company's commitment. One week after the machine was delivered, we received a surprise visit from UN Mobilkraner. They just wanted to stop by and make sure that everything was as it should be. And since then, they have always been within reach - even for minor problems they are available to us promptly, quickly and in an uncomplicated manner with advice and assistance. In our opinion, this is a major plus.

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