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ERA and Imperial Oil join forces to support surge in demand for refurbished laptops

Electronic Recycling Association working to provide recovered electronics to Canadian families in need

ERA refurbished laptops
Refurbished laptops are in higher demand than ever in 2020 since the onset of the current global pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) says they have seen a surge for laptop and computer requests from families in need across Canada. With the newly generated demand, the association has introduced a program called "Lending a Lifeline by Lending a Laptop". 

According to the ERA, this program is built to help families and organizations access technology from home. The association, with offices across Canada and the U.S. reached out to businesses for help as within a few days of this program being active their list of applications went from hundreds to thousands.

"A lack of access to computers and the Internet can limit opportunities for children. These donations will act as an anchor so that they can complete their homework through these unprecedented times," said Bojan Paduh, Founder and CEO of the Electronic Recycling Association. "We are pleased to invite Imperial Oil on board to assist in helping kids gain access to technology and look forward to this partnership."

Recently, Imperial Oil donated 500 laptops that will support online learning and help meet the high demand for technology devices while classrooms remain closed. This donation will not only support students attending schools run by the Calgary Board of Education but organizations and other school districts in need at this time.

Even though ERA is thrilled to receive this donation, the association says it will only cover 10% of their overall need for laptops and computers.

ERA continues to look for more businesses to follow in Imperial Oil's footsteps, to create a better environment by reducing the negative impact e-waste generates through the reuse and refurbishment of used technology. 

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