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Corporate Compost Leadership Group to grow capacity in the U.S.

US Composting Council initiative includes Target Organics project

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Companies leading the U.S. in seeking successful composting of their products, packaging and food scraps are invited to become a part of the US Composting Council's new Corporate Compost Leadership Council, a body that will engage, support and help move forward a suite of resources and strategies to grow composting capacity in the U.S.

"Composting and compost use can make a significant impact in growing our circular economy while also mitigating both climate change and improving our soils," said Frank Franciosi, executive director of USCC. "These companies are taking the lead by agreeing to take a place at the table in making more composting happen."

The USCC outlined their initiative this past January at the first meeting of the CCLC in Charleston, SC at USCC's annual conference 2020. The USCC invited a number of companies who have reached out to the organization in the past year seeking resources and assistance to increase their influence in composting and compostable packaging through membership in the CCLC.

The companies attending the launch heard about, commented on and were asked to support USCC strategies planned for expanding the use of composting to divert organics through its Target Organics project. The Target Organics project includes tools such as: assistance to state and local governments in permitting, zoning and planning; template labelling laws and increased ways to differentiate compostable products from others in the composting stream; and an economic study of the composting industry.

Companies interested in participating in the Corporate Compost Leadership Council should contact Frank Franciosi, Executive Director, or Linda Norris-Waldt, communications director, for information.

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