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Watch the VIDEO: Replacing a shredder cutting table in less than 100 minutes

Metso's intelligent design makes service a breeze

According to Metso Waste Recyling, the company prides itself on designing shredders that are easy to maintain and operate. This new, high-speed video shows how a complete cutting table replacement can be performed in less than 100 minutes.

According to Metso, their machine's great design is first and foremost about building strong shredders with a long service life. However, a well-thought-out design also comes into its own league when the shredder needs to be maintained and wear parts replaced. It's about making it easy for the operator to handle the daily maintenance of the machine — and not least to reduce the time and cost of service.

Support and parts availability has always been a natural focus for Metso Waste Recycling's design team, proven by the fact that the company's good design made 20 years ago is still hard to beat today.

Maintenance can be done during an extended lunch break

In the video featured above, Metso Waste Recycling demonstrates some old news. For the past 20 years, skilled service teams have been able to replace an entire cutting table in less than 100 minutes. What's new is that the session has now been documented in a video lasting just under one minute.

The whole operation can be carried out using a smaller crane because the cutting table and hopper can easily be disassembled. After that, only eight bolts between the table and the frame of the shredder need to be loosened before the table can be removed for service or replacement. Furthermore, the bolts have been positioned in such a way that they are not stressed during operation, which makes them easy to loosen.

"A big advantage of this clever design is that it provides for both better HSE and plant availability, as welding operations can take place in a much more convenient and efficient working environment," Morten Kiil Rasmussen, commercial director, Metso Waste Recycling. "The video is impressive to watch because it shows how effective workflows can be when engineers carefully consider the process from the beginning."

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