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Brüggemann reactive chain modifiers for upcycling polyamide waste

BRUGGOLEN M series upcycling polyamide waste into high quality injection molding grades

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In polyamide recycling applications, Brüggemann's BRUGGOLEN M series of reactive chain modifiers allows for precise and reproducible adjustment of relative viscosities, by either lengthening excessively short chains or shortening those which are too long.

Producers can use small amounts of these modifiers to tailor relative viscosities to their needs in a single compounding step. The resultant upcycled materials exhibit excellent mechanical properties and are suitable for the same applications as prime materials of similar viscosities. This removes the need to blend the recyclate with prime polymers and opens up a wide range of possibilities for establishing a profitable market for secondary polyamide raw materials which meet the high-quality requirements of the molding industry.

BRUGGOLEN® TP-M1417 provides a precise and robust way of shortening the excessively long molecular chains of high viscosity polyamide waste found in materials such as high viscosity extrudates, films or cast nylon. Addition of just a small quantity of the additive during a single extrusion step is able to decrease the viscosity so that the polymer can be injection molded. The final viscosity can be very accurately controlled by adjusting the quantity added. Significantly, the mechanical properties of moldings from the resultant polymer are similar to those achieved by prime polyamides.
Using BRUGGOLEN® M1251 makes it possible to compensate, by linear chain extension, for the reduction in molecular weight arising from the degradation caused by processing and previous use. As a result, the mechanical properties of the recyclate can be improved to match those of prime material. BRUGGOLEN® M1253, available as a smaller pellet size of the same additive, makes for easier dosing during compounding.

Both modifiers are supplied as dust free polymeric granules suitable for accurate metering. They are easy to process and to disperse in the polyamide matrix.

As an established manufacturer of high-performance additives for polyamides, Brüggemann offers a broad portfolio for recycling these polymers which goes beyond reactive chain modifiers of the BRUGGOLEN® M series. The range covers long-term heat stabilizers, processing stabilizers, flow enhancers, nucleating agents and other auxiliaries. Upcycling for high-quality applications necessitates a targeted selection and combination of these additives. 

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