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Eco-Products earns foodservice packaging industry award for Vanguard Line

Unique, sustainable food packaging and container line made from compostable sugarcane

Eco-Products earns foodservice packaging industry award for Vanguard Line

Eco-Products' new Vanguard line of foodservice containers earned the first place award for Innovation in Manufacturing, at the 10th bi-annual Foodservice Packaging Awards competition, sponsored by QSR magazine and the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI).  

Made from sugarcane, the Vanguard line uses propriety compounds to achieve grease-resistance without the use of conventional chemistry, known as PFAS. This innovation demonstrates Eco-Products' commitment to providing choice to its customers and staying at the cutting edge of offerings in foodservice packaging. Vanguard was designed to meet the new requirements of the Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI) for compostability certification that will go into effect on January 1 - an industry first for this product category.

"The Vanguard line is the first-to-industry PFAS-free molded fiber. This line meets the manufacturing need of the marketplace for an alternative. No one else has this on the market at this time," said Natha Dempsey, President of the Foodservice Packaging Institute. 

Vanguard is microwave-friendly and effective in both hot and cold applications. The initial line, available in a limited release, includes a 10-inch round plate, a three-compartment 10-inch plate, a 9-inch single-compartment clamshell and a three-compartment 9-inch clamshell. 

More products will be added soon, including bowls and other sizes of plates and clamshells. Creating the Vanguard line required extensive testing and supply chain collaboration. Eco-Products has patents pending on the new formula, which provides customers with an alternative to conventional FDA approved PFAS additives

"We are very proud that Eco-Products has been honored for innovation in manufacturing for our new Vanguard line," said Sarah Martinez, Director of Marketing for Eco-Products. "Vanguard is one more way Eco-Products provides our customers with options they can't get anywhere else. The reaction from the marketplace has been incredibly positive.''

Eco-Products received the award for Vanguard during a ceremony October 24 at the FPI's Fall Conference in Louisville, Ky. Entries were judged by experts in design, merchandising, manufacturing and product stewardship. Vanguard will be featured in QSR's November issue along with the other winners.

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