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Doppstadt industrial chippers ideal for managing forest waste produced by Pine Beetles

Doppstadt’s DH 812 LD precision chipper: for demanding tasks in the field – be it along roads, in parks, woods or forests.
Doppstadt’s DH 812 LD precision chipper: for demanding tasks in the field – be it along roads, in parks, woods or forests.

The next wave of pine beetles has already hit many spruce trees during the summer months, resulting in a good portion of our forests dying. As a result, it will be necessary in the coming months to process logs, crown mass and in particular beetle-infested wood into saleable wood chips, which are used as a biomass energy source to replace fossil fuels in many places. And the trend is increasing. 

For professional service providers, the mechanical engineering specialist Doppstadt offers a number of powerful and effective chippers.

Depending on customer requirements, we are able to produce wood chips in the required size using Doppstadt's new DH 812 LD truck-mounted chipper operating at 500 rotor revolutions per minute.

While boasting an engine output of 510 HP, the machine relies on an environmentally friendly direct drive concept that consists of a combination of turbo and CentaMax coupling system and is characterized by exceptional running smoothness. Another advantage of the DH 812 LD is that it offers the operator the ability to completely control the chipper from his seat including the option of driving up to the next stack of timber at up to 10 km/h. Also new: there is a four-axle version for rough terrain (8x6) and roads (8x4) as well as optionally equipped with a powerful screw splitter for splitting logs with a diameter of up to 1.5m.

The chipper is conveniently operated from the operator’s seat in an air-conditioned cab.

Precision chipper delivers what its name promises

Thanks to its closed rotor and the optimal configuration of its screen basket and adjustable blade advance, the system consistently delivers an end product of highest quality, which can be discharged in all sizes ranging from G30 to G100 / P16 to P100. The DH 812 LD is effective and extremely fuel efficient while working even under the toughest conditions. Short set-up times, which are, for instance, due to the easy access to the chipper drum and the resulting ability to quickly replace blades, only make up part of the well-thought-out concept. Ingenious solution: The optionally available telescoping discharge arm allows you to easily load large semi-trailers or container trains that are positioned in front of the chipper. 

That represents a significant advantage in terms of road safety, especially when working next to highways and rural roads. And when it comes to comfort and convenience during chipping, the DH 812 LD raises the bar even higher:  The customer also has the choice between Doppstadt's wraparound windshield that ensures a good unobstructed view of the chipper feed system due to the omission of the cab's corner post and the newly introduced "Panorama Plus" cab that offers an extended field of vision based on taller windows and an optionally available overhead window. 

The wood chips can be discharged using the telescoping discharge arm either over the vehicle’s cab or to the back on to a truck bed.

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