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Indonesia to use ISRI Specs to ease restrictions on recovered paper imports

Guidelines for Paper Stock to set standards for importation of recovered paper

Indonesia to use ISRI Specs to ease restrictions on recovered paper imports

Last month, in an effort to crack down on illegal shipments, the Indonesian government imposed new regulations on imports of recovered paper. The rules included a 0.5% contamination limit and 100% pre-shipment inspections, including separating containers into bales. The government has now announced that it will instead use the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) specifications for recovered paper which set a standard of 1-2% for prohibitives and 3-4% for outhrows. It is also using the specifications to define its use of the word "homogenous" in describing the condition of bales.

Confusion reigned over the global recovered paper industry when Indonesia introduced new restrictions last month on imports. The regulations, not in-line with global trading, set a contamination limit of 0.5% and that incoming shipments needed to be "clean, dry, and homogenous." There was very little clarity given to what exactly those words meant. The resulting confusion severely impacted the market for recovered paper.
In a move that will benefit paper recyclers and provide clear guidance on the trade of recovered paper, the Indonesian government updated the new regulations and adjusted them in accordance with ISRI specifications.
Through its international outreach efforts and education on its internationally-used specifications, ISRI has helped achieve a major victory for the paper recycling industry. As the ISRI's scrap specifications, including its Guidelines for Paper Stock: PS-2018, are internationally recognized used by buyers and sellers of recycled materials and products, their use by the Indonesian government ensures clarity of its regulation. 

Bullet point breakdown:

• Pre-shipment inspection requirements put in place last month by the Indonesian government on imports of recovered paper caused a severe drop in imports of recovered paper. 
• The Indonesian government announced this week they would use the ISRI Specifications - Guidelines for Paper Stock to set the standards for importation of recovered paper. 
• Over the course of the last several months, ISRI has been working with stakeholders and government officials in Indonesia on industry standards and practices. 

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