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Container Loading System from BPS loads metals quickly and efficiently

Container Loading System from BPS loads metals quickly and efficiently

The BPS Container Loading System is engineered to load 20-ft. and 40-ft. shipping containers quickly and efficiently for the export of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The three major components of this system are the vibratory hopper feeder, loading belt conveyor and system controls.

The robust surge hopper is constructed of 1/2" plate and has a holding capacity of approximately 15 cubic yards. The hopper includes a manually adjustable product flow control gate for the operator to control the product feed rate. The hopper and vibratory feeder share a common support base.

The heavy-duty cantilevered belt conveyor is engineered with a belt speed of 500-1000 FPM to allow for more material to stack up in the container. The loading operation is simple. A truck backs up to the conveyor allowing the conveyor to go inside the container. Then the operator starts the vibratory feeder and conveyor. As the container is loading, the truck driver slowly pulls forward, allowing the container to be loaded.

The BPS container loading system comes complete with system controls. The control package includes a VFD for both the vibratory feeder and the belt conveyor mounted in a NEMA 12/4 UL/cull listed enclosure with all necessary operator functions. Load cells or a belt scale can be included as an option.

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