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​Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership launch Municipal Measurement Program

New Program assessment and planning tool designed to aid communities in tracking and analyzing performance data from their recycling systems

​Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership launch Municipal Measurement Program

On January 7, 2019, Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership officially launched Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) to harmonize the measurement of material management programs and to provide municipalities with decision-making tools that can improve recycling program performance.

"Municipalities are faced with all kinds of challenges when it comes to reducing waste in their communities," says Rick Penner, President of Emerge Knowledge, the company that developed Re-TRAC Connect. "Their program managers rarely have enough staff time or budget to effectively measure their community's waste diversion progress. The truth is that measurement takes time; you need to collect data, monitor program performance metrics, and then also find time to research strategies to improve waste and recycling programs. Municipalities need a better way to measure performance and make decisions that will improve recycling in their communities. And that's where the MMP comes in." 

By completing the program assessment surveys, municipalities can generate reports to measure program performance and discover opportunities to improve waste and recycling programs. The MMP uses standardized terminology ensuring that municipalities can benchmark performance metrics against national averages. The program also simplifies data management by centralizing all municipal waste and recycling program information.

One of the most exciting features included in the MMP is the program recommendations report. The report analyzes the data submitted via the program assessment surveys and based on those responses, presents a set of program recommendations tailored specifically to the municipality. The recommendations report will introduce municipalities to a suite of effective tools and resources developed by The Recycling Partnership.

The MMP is a free Program Assessment and Planning Tool that delivers insights and actionable recommendations to municipal waste management agencies in the United States and Canada. 

"The Municipal Measurement Program will revolutionize the way we collect performance data, including capture rates and contamination, and transform our recycling systems for the better," says Scott Mouw, Senior Director of Strategy and Research, The Recycling Partnership. "Having all of this data in one place will not only help communities, but also the entire recycling industry. Currently every municipality has its own way of measuring and assessing their community's performance. An industry-wide need for a long time, The MMP will standardize and streamline that data and connect municipalities to The Recycling Partnership's free online best practice toolkits to help communities transform their recycling programs."

Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership will host a free webinar on February 12th, 2019 to demonstrate how the MMP will help municipalities to overcome common challenges and improve their waste and recycling programs. Visit for more details.

Municipalities interested in participating in the MMP are encouraged to visit

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125 Rowell Ct.
Falls Church, VA
US, 22046


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