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Portable vehicle scales​ help heavy-haul carriers stay compliant

Portable vehicle scales​ help heavy-haul carriers stay compliant

Heavy-haul carriers transport oversized objects using public roadways. While these loads may weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds, operators must still comply with permitted limits, while also completing their job safely. Intercomp has a variety of options to fill this unique application for a range of applications including construction, oil & gas, waste and recycling, heavy-haul transportation and electrical utility.

Heavy-haul experts move some of the largest items in the world. Carriers must comply with gross vehicle weight (GVW) and axle weight limits to avoid roadway damage and safety hazards. Portable vehicle scales allow operators to identify individual overweight axles due to incorrect placement, providing the opportunity to fix a potential problem.

Intercomp offers heavy-haul carriers several portable scale options to ensure axle and gross weights comply with local ordinances, or stay below the thresholds outlined in a hauling permit. Since its introduction, the LP600 has been the go-to portable scale for heavy-haul operators. The most important benefit of this scale is an easy approach due to standard dual-wide pads and a height less than 1.75 inches.

The LP600-15T is a complete, portable roll-over axle scale system. The system consists of two LP600 pads, bundled with four portable Roll-Up Ramps/Levelers to keep all axles within a group - adjacent axles within 10 feet - on plane. Axle weights can be shown on one of the built-in displays for each pad, or transmitted to a remote indicator via RFX Wireless Weighing. Using either indicator, GVW can be determined by totalizing individual axle weights with the push of a button.

The LS630-WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) is a portable, in-motion weighing system ideal to accommodate high traffic volume at a temporary facility to monitor axle weight or GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) compliance for usage of public roads. Additionally, the system can be used at multiple locations as two people can deploy or stow the scale pads, ramps/levelers and output CPU in less than 15 minutes. The LS630-WIM System also includes Roll-Up Ramps/Levelers, offers heavy-haul operators the ability weigh multi-axle truck/trailer combinations while the vehicle remains in motion. This provides operators a portable system to measure and record up to 36 individual axle weights without the need to stop, making it the most efficient option for weighing multi-axle vehicles. The included PC with IntercompWIM software, or PT20 WIM, can automatically totalize axle weights to determine GVW, while also providing the ability to save weight records or print weigh tickets that include individual axle weights.

See a video of the LS630-WIM model in action below.

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