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Bandit offers remote controlled Kesla loaders on larger hand-fed chippers

Bandit offers remote controlled Kesla loaders on larger hand-fed chippers

Bandit now offers extending Kesla loaders with radio remote controls on its Intimidator 21XP hand-fed chippers, giving land-clearing professionals, tree care companies and right-of-way contractors a powerful all-in-one tool to manage limbs and even whole trees.

"Rated as a 21-inch capacity chipper, the 21XP is the largest hand-fed chipper in Bandit's fleet, so it's built to chip heavy, large-diameter trees. Those can be difficult to quickly get to the chipper, even with a winch," said Bandit Sales Manager Jason Morey. "The Kesla loader option increases the productivity of this machine in virtually any application."

The Kesla loader can extend to 21 feet and grab large bundles of limbs, large individual limbs, and even downed whole trees. Using intuitive controls, the operator can guide the material quickly into the chipper to be processed in a fraction of the time it would take operators to winch.

"This option can eliminate the need for additional workers on the ground, or additional equipment brought to the jobsite," Morey said.

When not in use, the Kelsa loader folds up on the front of the chipper where it's out of the way, never impeding the discharge chute, or limiting access to common maintenance items.

With a rated chipping capacity of 21 inches, a huge 24.5-inch by 26-inch chipper throat opening, Bandit's Slide Box Feed System and engine options up to 350 horsepower, the Intimidator 21XP is simply the ultimate hand-fed chipper. This machine has no problem processing large whole trees, and is designed for tree services specializing in large tree takedowns, land clearing operations, organics recyclers or any projects requiring the highest levels of production and performance.

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