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New Rockster wind sifter RVB1700 designed to "blow away" impurities

Units designed to add separation capability as retrofit or for new model mobile crushers

The new Rockster Wind Sifter RVB1700 during a test run.
The new Rockster Wind Sifter RVB1700 during a test run.

Austria-based company Rockster Recycler GmbH has developed a wind sifter for their mobile crushers. With relatively little effort, final products produced can be significantly increased in value. Partially unavoidable contamination in crushed materials are simply "blown away." The wind sifter RVB1700 separates non-mineral components, including paper, wood or  foils, from crushed material. This results in a cleaner and higher quality final product, whereby non-mineral substances are separated from mineral substances.

The new Rockster Wind Sifter RVB1700 on the job in Portugal.

The centerpiece of the RVB1700 is a variably adjustable blower, which is connected by flexible hoses to an air nozzle. This air nozzle is adjustable in inclination. Through the narrow slot of the air nozzle, air emerges and blows diagonally from below through the crushed material, so that unwanted lightweight materials (e.g., polystyrene, textiles, gypsum, foils, wood, etc.) get removed.

The Rockster RVB1700 wind sifter is hydraulically operated and can be completely integrated into any Rockster crushing plant. The "wind sifter package" is offered as an option by Rockster for new machines, and for existing plants, Rockster Recycler offers a retrofit kit. This can be installed by the Rockster service team at the company headquarters in Ennsdorf, Austria, or on a customer site. 

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