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New white paper examines expected ROI of a "Smart" fleet system deployment

New white paper examines expected ROI of a "Smart" fleet system deployment

FleetMind has published a new industry white paper titled "By the Numbers - Smart Fleets Are the Smart Choice," which examines the return-on-investment (ROI) of a smart fleet management system as derived from real-life deployment results.

 Running a smart and optimally effective fleet operation is all about maximum visibility and efficiencies. Some of the more advanced technology solutions on the market today have the power to help waste fleets slash up to 30 minutes per truck from daily routes and further enhance operations across driver, administrative and fleet maintenance functions. Working from a 30 minute per route/per day time savings scenario, the annual cost savings benefits can reach over $11,000 per truck! These are compelling numbers.
According to industry research, the global market for smart fleet management solutions will continue to experience significant growth over the next few years. Economic conditions, shrinking profit margins, safety concerns and pressing sustainability goals have all driven the demand for onboard technology solutions to improve efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce costs.
This white paper delves into the exact cost saving impacts of a smart fleet deployment and how these savings will be achieved. It examines the expected ROI scenarios spanning driver activities, vehicle maintenance and fuel savings. It further details the expected dollar saving results of shaving just 30 minutes off every route, every day. Download the white paper at this LINK.

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