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US Composting Council's Frank Franciosi on the importance of ICAW


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The U.S. composting Council is celebrating International Compost Awareness Week , May 6 through 12, along with members and other composters in the U.S., Canada and around the world. 

According to the USCC: 

"We believe compost manufacturing and compost utilization are central to creating healthy soils, clean air and water, a stable climate and a stable society."

 "From our acclaimed national conference to education and training with our Compost Foundation, to our work on quality compost and compost use and facility operator certification—we are the official US voice for healthy soils, beneficial use of compost and organics/food scrap diversion through composting.
"Be part of helping us to move the needle. Everyone on the planet should have access to compost and organics diversion."

See the USCC's Frank Franciosi on the importance of ICAW below.