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ERA announces rebranding to Electronic Reusing Association in time for organization's 15th anniversary

Name change to be put in place by March, 2019

ERA announces rebranding to Electronic Reusing Association in time for organization's 15th anniversary

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA), the Calgary-based non-profit organization addressing the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing 'digital divide' has announced the business' rebrand to the Electronic Reusing Association. This comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus on reuse rather than recycle and this will be evident in their new logo and website within the coming months. 

The ERA has been in business for over 14 years and in light of their 15th year anniversary which is set to take place in March 2019, they decided it was the right time for a change. Throughout 2018 they will be slowly introducing their new name to the public, hoping to fully rebrand by March 2019, just in time for their anniversary. The ERA's new link will look like this www.electronicreusingassociati...

"ERA is all about change and expansion. Within the last four years, we have opened up 3 new operating depots and feel it is time for ERA to rebrand," said Bojan Paduh, Founder, and President of the Electronic Reusing Association. "Throughout the last 14 years, we have named ourselves the Electronic Recycling Association. However, within that time we have had individuals mistake ERA for a recycling centre. We believe in repurposing unwanted and used electronics and we want that to be reflected in our name. Hence, why we feel the Electronic Reusing Association is the right move for us."

Established in 2004, ERA is a non-profit organization directed to reduce the environmental impact of improperly discarded toxic electronic waste by offering accessible services to help corporations and individuals manage their retiring IT assets. Through industry leading pickup, data removal and reporting/certification services, ERA provides a full-circle solution for e-waste management. With reuse being ERA's top priority, every item that is received is examined for any remaining productive life and refurbished for reuse. True end of life items are transferred to accredited recyclers where a nil landfill contribution can be assured. ERA is committed to supporting local charities and individuals in need through the provision of electronic equipment to charities and individuals alike.

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1301 34th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
CA, T2G 1V8


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