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​PT300DW Filling Scale provides complete solution for range of applications

​PT300DW Filling Scale provides complete solution for range of applications

The PT300DW Filling Scale provides a portable, cost-effective way to measure the total weight of any semi-trailer, or other types of trailers, while filling. The scale system gives the user the ability to maximize load weight and assist in tracking inventories of various items.

Intercomp designed this scale, primarily, to work in conjunction with the AX900 Axle Scale System. However, the PT300DW Filling Scale can be used in conjunction with the entire line of scale pads, in a wireless or cabled configuration.

RFX Wireless Weighing technology is a standard feature of these pads, which allows them to integrate with any existing Intercomp RFX-enabled scale pad system. Each heavy-duty pad is rated to a maximum weight of 30,000lbs, and features an aluminum handle, with wheels mounted to the opposite side the scale to aid in proper placement and transit.

The pad utilizes the tried and true PT300DW platform, with an additional CNC-machined piece of T6061-T6 billet aluminum attached to the weighing surface. The additional hardened surface strengthens the scale pad to withstand the highly concentrated downward force created by the ‘landing gear' supports of most semi-trailers.

In addition to its primary intended use, the PT300DW Filling Scale is an excellent solution for determining the weight of shipping containers. The built-in wireless RFX capability allows up to six scale pads to communicate, and display a totalized weight. The reinforced scale pad, and the ability to position each scale pad independently, provide accurate weights for containers of any size. This PT300DW Filling Scale an ideal choice to obtain Verified Gross Mass for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) compliance.

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