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Digester key element of food waste recycling program

Digester key element of food waste recycling program

In 2012, Wastequip announced its partnership with Green Waste Stream, LLC to sell its BioGreen360 Food Digester as part of the company's Organics2GoTM program.

Wastequip developed Organics2Go to provide a cost-effective, environmentally responsible method of commercial food waste collection and recycling. The BioGreen360 Food Digester is a key component of that system.

The BioGreen360 is a self-contained, continual feed organic disposal system designed to biologically convert food waste into a viable soil amendment.  It accomplishes this by accelerating the natural decomposition process by maintaining optimal levels of aeration, moisture and temperature.  The digester reduces food waste volume by an impressive 90 percent and completes a full cycle within 24 hours.  

Units are easy to install and operate and are available in four models to accommodate varying amounts of food waste ranging from 250 to 1,500 lbs. per day.  The BioGreen360 food digester is ideal for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias assisted living facilities and other commercial food waste generators.  

“Wastequip chose Green Waste Stream’s food digester because it consumes no fresh water and discharges no gray water,” said Kirk Warren, product manager for Wastequip.

 “We’re excited to augment Wastequip’s Organics2Go program with the BioGreen360 Food Digester, which we believe to be the best on the market.  The food digester is ideal for helping customers increase their recycling rates and achieve their sustainability objectives.”  

“Wastequip is a leading provider of innovative solutions for organic waste handling and chose the BioGreen360 for its Organics2Go program because of its superior performance and unique technology,” said Paul Grillo, president and CEO of Green Waste Stream, LLC.  

 “Wastequip’s experience in serving the waste industry, their national distribution channel, extensive product line and reputation for quality makes them an ideal partner for our company.”