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Eriez' P-Rex makes lasting impression on Liberty Iron & Metal

Dual Eriez P-Rex scrap drums installed front end of the downstream shredder at Liberty Iron & Metal, Pheonix (2012)
Dual Eriez P-Rex scrap drums installed front end of the downstream shredder at Liberty Iron & Metal, Pheonix (2012)

In 2010, Eriez introduced their P-REX Scrap Drum to the global recycling industry. Liberty Iron & Metal Southwest, Phoenix, opened in 2009, was the first facility to implement the technology into its shredder operations. At that time, the facility was using rectifier magnets. Approximately seven months after opening, those magnets were replaced with two P-REX Scrap Drums, which do not require rectifiers.

The drums were up and running at the front end of the downstream shredder system and they were an instant success, according to Operations Manager, Joe Plumadore. Currently, Liberty’s Pheonix location processes an average of 1,000 tons of material per day.  

Plumadore admits that sometimes new ideas don’t work, but when it came to the P-REX, “This one sure did.” Installation was a cinch and Plumadore says the P-REX Scrap Drums haven’t missed a beat ever since. “We’ve had a lot of luck with them. They work excellent. We are very, very satisfied with them,” he emphasizes.  

One of the attributes that sets the P-REX apart from traditional scrap drums is its strength. Eriez says the P-REX is up to 40 percent stronger than an electromagnetic drum and capable of attracting large spherical objects at twice the distance during scrap metal processing. The technology also captures ferrous material over a wider zone because it is constructed of solid magnetic material to its edges.  

Additionally, engineering innovations allow P-REX to provide better “meatball” recovery, and overheating is not an issue. According to Eriez, once an electromagnetic drum gets hot, its strength can drop up to 30 percent. P-REX’s magnets are permanent, so they maintain their strength. Plus, the P-REX uses no electricity in its process, thus lasting indefinitely, and it has no coils to wear or short out.

  “Since we put in (the P-REX) there is hardly anything on the belt that we have to cull out,” concludes Plumadore.  

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