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​700 Series E-Crane at Stelimet designed for feeding the shear, improves on-site safety and efficiency

Reduced need for rolling equipment and elevated operator position adds to safety for Belgian scrap recycler

E-Crane's 700 Series, Model E4290 PD-E balance crane at Stelimet, Genk, Belgium features 29,7 meters outreach, and is mounted on a pedestal with a main pivot height of 15 meters.
E-Crane's 700 Series, Model E4290 PD-E balance crane at Stelimet, Genk, Belgium features 29,7 meters outreach, and is mounted on a pedestal with a main pivot height of 15 meters.

At the end of December 2016, E-Crane commissioned a new 700 Series, Model E4290 PD-E at Stelimet, Genk, Belgium. Stelimet was looking for a crane for feeding a shear and stockpiling scrap around the shear. The ideal situation for Stelimet is to stockpile as high as possible in order to optimize the use of the storage area.  As the shear is operated by remote control, an excellent view into the shear was absolutely necessary.  Also, the liability, safety, energy consumption, and service reaction time of the supplier were important issues for Stelimet. 

After the first meetings, E-Crane suggested an E4290 PD-E, a balance crane with 29,7 meters outreach on a pedestal with a main pivot height of 15 meters. In this configuration it is possible for the operator to have  good visibility into the shear while covering a visual area of about 2000 m².

Utilizing the principle of equilibrium, where the stick is connected to the rotating counterweight by means of a connecting rod, the load can be moved from point A to B at a fraction of the energy usually required. The energy savings accomplished using hybrid systems is insignificant in comparison. The philosophy is simple; start with an energy efficient design rather than adapting to a fundamentally inefficient one. On an E-Crane, the center of gravity of the machine always stays within the slewing ring as the movement of counterweight and stick are synchronized. As a result of this, a balanced state is maintained and guaranteed at all times. When working with lighter loads, the movable counterweight moves the stick out almost spontaneously as it pulls the boom up. When working with heavier loads, the movable counterweight assures that smooth lifting is possible at low hydraulic working pressures. Due to the fact that the E-Crane is a balance crane the E4290 is equipped with only a 132 kW electric engine.

In addition, Stelimet's on-site safety is brought to a higher level, as there is a much reduced need for rolling equipment (material handlers, wheel loaders, etc...). Finally, the elevated position of the operator adds to the safety, as he/she always has the best possible overview while working. 

 The layout, the use of only a 132 kW electric motor, the use of A-Brand components, the 100% spare parts availability at the E-Crane location in Adegem, Belgium,  together with service availably is why Stelimet chose the E-Crane. 

Stelimet in Genk, Belgium, is a family owned company with over 80 years' experience in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.  Stelimet aims to reduce CO2 emissions, and one example is by using f the waterways as much as possible. Also, the new electrical, environmental friendly E-Crane helps to reduce their CO2 footprint.

The E-Crane company with headquarters, engineering, assembly factory and warehouse is based in Adegem, Belgium. Besides Belgium, E-Crane has branches in the USA, The Netherlands and Asia. Together with the subsidiaries and the agents, E-Crane has a worldwide coverage for service and a 100% spare parts availability.  
E-Crane has delivered balance cranes worldwide for over 30 years. The cranes are used for several different applications such as coal handling, scrap handling, steel mill operations and all kinds of bulk handling. All customers however have one thing in common; the cranes all work in an environment where failure of the crane immediately will stop production resulting in high costs for the customer. For this reason, E-Crane customers rely on E-Crane.

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