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National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy to transform waste into Bio Substitute Natural Gas

Project will deliver an end-to-end process for converting waste to Bio-SNG, using Gasplasma technology

GasPlasma waste to energy plant installed in Swindon, UK by Advanced Plasma Power
GasPlasma waste to energy plant installed in Swindon, UK by Advanced Plasma Power

The first project that demonstrates the use of waste to produce bio-substitute natural gas (Bio-SNG), being worked on by partners National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy, uses waste as a feedstock to produce Bio-SNG. The project is based at the Advanced Plasma Power Gasplasma® facility in Swindon, UK. It is meant to demonstrate the technical feasibility and commercial viability of the waste to Bio-SNG process, with the three partners working together to design, install and test the operation of a demonstration plant.    

The plant will take waste-derived and energy rich synthesis gas from the existing Gasplasma® process, and convert it to meet the specification for injecting it into the gas network. The companies involved say Bio-SNG could play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of heating and help reach the UK's binding carbon reduction targets. As part of its work on future energy scenarios, National Grid, an electric company with interests in both the U.S. and the UK ( ) has forecast that renewable gas could be a vital part of the energy mix in the coming decades.   

Marcus Stewart, Future Distribution Networks Manager, National Grid said, “This project is a great opportunity to look at the potential of Bio-SNG from both a technical and commercial perspective. The project underlines our commitment to seeking economic and innovative ways to decarbonise energy, while making the best use of the existing network. ”  

It is estimated that renewable gas, of which Bio-SNG may be a major source, could account for as much as one fifth of the UK’s heat requirement by 2050. 

Rolf Stein, Chief Executive, Advanced Plasma Power said, “The development and implementation of a process to derive Bio-SNG from waste using our unique Gasplasma® process has significant global implications for sustainable waste management and low carbon energy solutions.”   

Phillip Cozens, Progressive Energy said, “This project is a significant step towards greater resource efficiency in our economy, exploiting the capacity of the existing gas infrastructure and demonstrating the potential to deliver renewable heat at a cost that is competitive with other renewable heat options.”  

Advanced Plasma Power Limited (APP) is a leading technology provider for advanced waste to energy plants, showcasing its globally patented Gasplasma® technology. After the removal of valuable recyclates, the Gasplasma® process treats a wide range of feedstocks including residual municipal solid waste and commercial/industrial waste converting it all into two high value outputs: a clean, high quality, energy rich synthesis gas (syngas) and a solid, vitrified product each with multiple applications.  

The syngas can be used to generate electricity directly in gas engines, gas turbines and fuel cells or it can be converted to Bio-SNG or liquid fuels. The solid product, Plasmarok®, has a variety of valuable end uses, for instance, as a building material. The process is clean, modular and scalable, delivering high efficiency and maximising landfill diversion whilst minimising visual and environmental impact.   

Progressive Energy is a project development company, specializing in clean energy and carbon abatement in the energy sector through the deployment of carbon capture and storage and renewable energy technologies.

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