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RMT Equipment introduces next-generation onboard weighing technology for excavators

RMT Equipment introduces next-generation onboard weighing technology for excavators

The newest generation of VEI onboard weighing technology for excavators will ensure that each bucket of material is weighed and that resulting truck loads are legal. For managers overseeing excavation, stockpiling and loading operations, this is of critical importance given that excavators often work in remote locations far away from truck scales.

Available in North America from RMT Equipment, the new VEI Helper XE system uses inclination sensors positioned in strategic locations on the hydraulic excavator, including the boom, stick, bucket and tracks. The system is further maximized by two pressure sensors mounted on the lift cylinder. Arm, bucket and machine inclination functions are controlled by the sensors without the need for mechanical moving parts that can be easily damaged during regular machine operation. This eliminates a potential risk for machine downtime. The specially-designed system is also ideal for feeding crushers and loading trucks while taking the guesswork out of the process and maximizing material, time and profitability.

Easy operation from the excavator cab

Inside the cab, the excavator operator monitors the high-definition VEI Helper XE display screen, which provides maximum visibility even under the brightest of lighting conditions. Regardless of excavator make or model, the hardware is easily mounted and positioned in the cab using a flexible bracket. The display screen has a user-friendly interface, navigated by a large yet simple four-directional press tool located to the immediate right of the backlit keyboard. The keyboard itself features familiar phone-type buttons for easy data entry by the excavator operator. With the many settings possible, the system’s software allows the position of the loading tool to be followed in real time. This facilitates precise weight monitoring, and necessary adjustments can be made on the fly.

Quickly turn the data into revenue

For an industry still reliant on tickets, the VEI Helper XE onboard weighing system provides a range of detailed printouts via Vprint. Printouts available include truck load, truck load history, and production by date, as well as management and configuration data. Due to its compact design, the printer can be co-located with the monitor anywhere in the cab. Easily facilitating the data management process, wireless data transmission is possible via TrackWeight Mobile, a 3G cellular modem that provides Internet access from anywhere.

For further system usage, a standard built-in USB port located in the front of the in-cab display screen provides easy transfer of data using a standard memory stick. This allows users, when returning to their personal computers, to download the data in basic spreadsheet programs such as Excel, and import or export that data as needed. The loading data is saved by date and time, so no overwriting will occur on the USB sticks.

Whether using the wireless or USB data transfer, the payload information goes into a single database, from where it can be exported to billing software. Via the website, different types of reports can be generated and exported to Excel, including inventory, sales analysis, and machine productivity.

The VEI payload monitoring system, ipotweb is available on a three-month free trial basis by simply registering at the website. Additionally, the downloadable ipotweb app allows system users to receive daily reports on their smartphones.

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