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SciAps introduces Turbocharged X-300 handheld XRF

SciAps now manufactures their X model with a turbocharged option. The turbocharged X features SciAps' latest X-ray tube development. Units provide a high current (500 uA) at the lower voltage setting (up to 10 kV), resulting in a more than 5X increase in speed for low atomic number elements Si, Mg, Al, P, and S compared to other brands on the market, according to SciAps. 

Applications include:
• Silicon content in carbon steels and nickel alloys: Measure Si down to 0.02% in 5 second tests. Includes in-service steel components.
• Faster aluminum alloy sorting. Measure 0.5% Mg in 2 seconds to sort common Al alloys faster and better with X-ray.
• Measure Al, P, and S at < 200 ppm in steels and stainless in a few seconds.
• Delivers the speed and precision on stainless, high-temp alloys and brasses/bronzes that you've come to expect from X-ray.

Also available is the companion Handheld Laser-based Z-200

According to SciAps, the Z-200 is the only handheld analyzer on the planet that can measure carbon content. Units measure silicon on carbon steels, detection limit of 0.02%, in 3 second tests, and feature flow-accelerated corrosion: Measures 0.02% Cr in 3 second tests. SciAps says that dozens of power plants have switched to the Z for FAC and alloy testing to get away from restrictive X-ray regulations, and that this is excellent technology to sort the widest array of aluminum alloys with the most speed and accuracy.

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