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Waste and recycling companies across U.S. prepare to address industry fatality and accident rates

NWRA's U.S. National Safety Stand-down set for January 23

Waste and recycling companies across U.S. prepare to address industry fatality and accident rates

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) has announced the participation of several leading companies and independent waste and recycling organizations in the fourth in a series of national collaborations on improving safety in the waste and recycling industry.  The 2017 NWRA Safety Stand Down on Vehicle Backing launches on January 23 with a week-long training and awareness initiative focused around reducing accidents, fatalities and injuries related to truck backing incidents that represents a common challenge for the industry. The NWRA Safety Stand-Down on vehicle backing will include a daily focus on safety issues related to backing and will conclude on January 27, 2017.

NWRA has made safety its top priority, a pledge shared by its member companies. This Stand Down will provide participating companies with the tools, guidance and support necessary to move the needle on backing incidents.

Participation in the Stand Down involves waste and recycling companies’ commitment to focusing employees safety sessions during the week on safe backing; conducting a risk assessment and review of backing policies and procedures; and posting Stand Down information at facilities and on social media sites to make employees aware of this effort.
More than 100 companies and municipalities have already joined the Stand Down with additional participants still registering as the kickoff to the Stand Down nears. Further, in an important and continued demonstration of common purpose, NWRA is being joined by several regional waste and recycling associations and the municipal waste community who have encouraged their members to participate in the Stand Down: California Refuse and Recycling Council, the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association, the Washington Refuse and Recycling Association, the International Scrap Recycling Institute and the Solid Waste Association of North America.

 “We are proud of the commitment of our members, sponsor and partners to work together to raise the bar for safety in our industry,” said Kevin Kraushaar, NWRA interim-President. “We are working to raise awareness and elevate our performance as we focus on the importance of a safe environment for our workers and the communities they serve nationwide.” “Through training, effective communications and heightened awareness we are committed to helping improve safety across our industry,” said Kraushaar.
The Stand Down is sponsored by 3rd Eye. Through its products and services, 3rd Eye provides state-of-the-art mobile and facility vision technology that greatly improves safety, security, driver accountability and behavior, and mitigates risk related to fleet and facility management.  More information on 3rd Eye products and services can be found at

Additional details about the Stand Down can be found at: Safety Stand Down effort is using the social media hashtag #StandForSafety.
As the designated Secretariat for ANSI Standards for the waste and recycling industry for more than fifty years, NWRA also coordinates the ongoing development of new and revised standards for both equipment and protective gear.