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New online calculator helps municipalities quantify financial benefits of buying waste and recycling carts directly

New online calculator helps municipalities quantify financial benefits of buying waste and recycling carts directly

Toter, a Wastequip brand and manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has added a new online calculator to its website to allow municipalities to quantify the financial savings of buying trash carts directly from Toter rather than purchasing or renting them from a commercial hauler.

The premise of the finance calculator, which can be found at is simple: Because municipalities typically have higher credit ratings than private haulers and are exempt from paying sales tax, there is an opportunity for significant savings in financing and purchasing carts directly from a manufacturer rather than through a hauler, who must pass on these costs on to buyers. The tool allows municipal users to enter the number of carts to be purchased, their current interest rate and the number of years in their purchase term to calculate purchase cost. These costs are then compared to typical hauler financing costs based on prevailing interest rates, financing terms and an average rate of sales tax to which haulers are subject to pay. This allows municipal users to quickly see the savings they can realize by purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Service life is another excellent opportunity for savings. Many collection contracts result in the purchase of new carts every contract period (typically five years). However, because Toter carts also feature the industry’s longest-lasting warranty, covering municipal trash cart bodies for 12 years and other components for 10 years from the date of purchase, those purchasing direct from Toter can more than double the purchase time interval, buying a cart once every 15 to 20 years, rather than the typical five, further compounding their savings. More information on Toter’s durability and industry-leading warranty can be found at

“Municipalities across the country face strict mandates to do more with less every day, so it’s important to look for every opportunity to drive down costs and improve sustainability” said Jim Pickett, vice president of sales for Toter. “While many take trash service for granted or simply count on their hauler contract to handle details like cart selection and cost, for most cities, this represents an area ripe for significant cost savings.”

To make purchasing easier for governments, municipalities and other not-for-profits, Toter offers convenient cooperative contract purchasing through National IPA.

“Through our years of experience serving municipal customers, we’ve gained great insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by this market,” added Jim Pickett. “We’ve developed this online calculator to demonstrate the extent of their savings by buying directly and to arm them with the information they need to make the best choice for their unique needs, budget constraints and resident demands.”

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