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Bionetix all-purpose odor eliminator ideal for waste and recycling operations

All Purpose Odor Eliminator utilizes the latest technology of microbial action.
All Purpose Odor Eliminator utilizes the latest technology of microbial action.

Bionetix All Purpose Odor Eliminator is made with specially blended natural active ingredients that are capable of neutralizing a wide range of malodorous molecules. Bad smells are detected from foul particles that are volatile and dispersed in the air and replaced with a fresh scent, using the power of nature. The ingredient in All Purpose Odor Eliminator forms a complex with odor causing organic compounds, which yields a lower concentration of these molecules, destroying the toughest odors completely.

All Purpose Odor Eliminator utilizes the latest technology of microbial action with a highly effective organic neutralizer for the ultimate bio-based deodorizing spray that traps odors and digests them back to nature, safely and naturally. It is formulated from a unique blend of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients specially developed to attack and destroy many unpleasant odors, providing a powerful cleaning action. It will effectively eliminate odoriferous gases like ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide, thiols, mercaptans, butyric or caproic acid, and others which are emitted from smoke, mold, waste, decomposition, garbage, cooking, food, animals, sweat, urine, feces, or other organic substances.

This product can be used on all hard surfacees, deodorizing spaces, as well as fabric and textiles. Users simply spray onto affected areas with a compressed air sprayer of fogging equipment, or with aerosol in ready-to-use format. There is no need to evacuate a premise during application and no special equipment is required. This product is safe to leave wet, and no rinsing needed.

Bionetix All Purpose Odor Eliminator

  • Can effectively be used with or without fragrance
  • Is Completely water soluble
  • Requies No addition of solubilizing agents
  • Is available in fragrances (Optional) Sea Breeze, Mint, Apple

  • The Bionetix formula is in concentrated or in ready to use format, and available in 4-1 gallon (15 liter) cases, 5-gallon (19 liter) pails, and 55-gallon (208 liter) metal drums.

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