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Canada Fibers to commission 100,000 square-foot, first-of-its-kind facility

Canada Fibers to commission 100,000 square-foot, first-of-its-kind facility

Canada Fibers Ltd. has announced that it has commissioned a 100,000 square foot operation north of Toronto to recover recyclable materials from municipal solid waste that is presently being sent to landfill. According to the company, this highly mechanized facility is the first of its kind in Canada, and will enable Canada Fibers to help its growing municipal and commercial customer base to improve both sustainability and economics.

In late 2015, Canada Fibers acquired the facility located at Highways 27 and 407 in Vaughan, Ontario. Subsequent to the acquisition, a major retrofit was completed, including the installation of advanced material sorting systems and a significant update to environmental management systems. The facility, formerly known as the Dongara Pellet Factory, has been renamed Canada Fibers High Diversion Material Recovery Facility.

"This unique facility enables the diversion of valuable materials from landfill, giving recovered materials a new life and reducing Green House Gasses," said Mark Badger of Canada Fibers. "We are simply mining discarded resources to help our customers to achieve world-class sustainability and waste management efficiencies."

Canada Fibers Ltd. was established 25 years ago as a Toronto-based paper recovery and marketing operation. Since then, its operational scope has broadened to include recovery, separation and marketing of a wide variety of recovered materials, including plastic, glass, aluminum, paper and metal materials. Today, Canada Fibers' supply side customers include municipalities in the Province of Ontario, as well as institutional, commercial and industrial organizations. Through its affiliation with The Urban Resource Group Inc., Canada Fibers is engaged in the production of consumer and industrial products from the materials it recovers.

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