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Canada Fibers​ and Enviroplast form strategic partnership to recycle plastic film

Canada Fibers Ltd. (CFL) and Enviroplast are entering into an exclusive supply agreement to recover and recycle plastic film. According to CFL, the strategic partnership between the two industry leaders is a game changer as the requirement for more Canadian-based plastic recycling solutions has increased following the implementation of China's National Sword policy in 2018 which banned imports of 24 types of waste material, including plastic film.

​Canada Fibers awarded contracts to design, build and operate two technologically advanced recycling facilities

Canada Fibers Limited (CFL) has been awarded two contracts to design, build and operate advanced single-stream post-consumer Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Peel, Ontario.  The Company is constructing an 80 thousand square foot greenfield facility in Winnipeg and is retrofitting the Region of Peel's existing MRF.  Both projects involve advancements to recovery technologies in response to increasingly rigorous quality standards from industries utilizing post-consumer recyclable materials. 

Machinex and Canada Fibers partnership to result in two of the most technologically advanced single-stream facilities in North America

Toronto-based Canada Fibers Ltd. (CFL) is building two single-stream recycling facilities in 2019 that will include the most advanced, high-tech fibre and plastics sorting and recovery systems in Canada. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a completely new 30-tonnes-per-hour facility (approximately 80,000 square feet) is currently under construction and scheduled to open in the fall. In the Region of Peel, Ontario, the existing Peel Integrated Waste Management Facility MRF, owned by the Region, will be retrofitted for 31.5-tonnes-per-hour capacity, with the updated facility (approximately 85,000 square feet) scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2020. 

Canada Fibers files breach of contract claim against City of Hamilton

Canada Fibers Ltd. (CFL) has announced that it has filed a statement of claim with the Superior Court of Ontario asserting damages arising from breach of contract by the City of Hamilton. CFL's decision to file the claim follows over 12 months of negotiations with Hamilton staff that culminated in a recommendation by the City's staff proposing measures to resolve the breach and end the dispute. Unfortunately, Hamilton City Council has rejected the compromise recommended by staff and made it necessary for CFL to seek a remedy in the courts. 

​Canada Fibers to Expand Ontario Recycling Operations

TORONTO - Canada Fibers Ltd. (CFL), a leading provider of material recovery and recycling services, today announced its plan to acquire the issued and outstanding common shares of HGC Management Inc. (HGC). HGC is an Ontario-based company aligned with CFL in its goal of helping municipal and commercial customers efficiently and sustainably divert valuable materials from landfill. CFL expects to complete the transaction within 60 days.  

Canada Fibers to commission 100,000 square-foot, first-of-its-kind facility

Canada Fibers Ltd. has announced that it has commissioned a 100,000 square foot operation north of Toronto to recover recyclable materials from municipal solid waste that is presently being sent to landfill. According to the company, this highly mechanized facility is the first of its kind in Canada, and will enable Canada Fibers to help its growing municipal and commercial customer base to improve both sustainability and economics.

Canada Fibers Announces Bold Solid Waste Recycling Initiatives

Canada Fibers Ltd. (Canada Fibers) has announced that it has taken bold steps towards the creation of superior value from municipal and commercial solid waste. Canada Fibers has created an affiliate named Urban Resource Group Inc. (Urban Resource Group), which will focus on production of high quality sustainable products from solid waste. Canada Fibers’ solid waste recovery operations include four state-of-the-art Municipal Recovery Facilities in the Province of Ontario, as well as two large-scale commercial recovery facilities.

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