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Nebraska Dairy Farm adds LWR system to improve their composting operation

Nebraska Dairy Farm adds LWR system to improve their composting operation

Prairieland Dairy, a 1400 cow flush flume dairy and one of the largest composting operations in Nebraska, will become the first dairy in the state to install the LWR manure treatment System.

Prairieland Dairy is owned by the Obbink, Rice, Eickhoff and Goosen families, and is a different kind of dairy farm; one dedicated to sustainability and transparency. Located right next to the dairy is a compost facility that turns the farm’s organic waste into nutrient rich compost called “Prairieland Gold”. The compost is cultivated from cow manure and food-waste from local communities, schools and sporting arenas. Made from decayed organic material, the compost looks like soil and is sold to other farmers, gardeners and greenhouses as fertilizer. Prairieland Gold is also used on Prairieland crops. It is spread on fields to minimize the use of commercial fertilizer. The LWR System will provide the additional moisture required in the composting process while eliminating odor associated with composting raw manure.

Prairieland Dairy, winner of the US Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability in 2013, also understands the value of water and has been recycling water around the farm for years. With the LWR System, they can truly recycle and re-use water at every stage of their operation. The water recycled through the LWR System will be used to clean and sanitize the facilities, irrigate crops, and provide the moisture needed to make Prairieland Gold compost.

"In my mind, it's the right thing to do for the environment," says Dan Rice, general manager of Prairieland Dairy. “We will continue to improve the efficiencies of our composting operation, while reusing water, reduce the volume of manure we have on site, and concentrate the valuable manure nutrients.”

Ross Thurston, President of LWR adds “At the foundation of this farm is four incredible families and their dedication to sustainable farming. The addition of the LWR System to their operation sets them up very well for future generations of farmers.”

Prairieland dairy will recycle more than 36 million gallons of liquid manure annually.

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