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DVO, Inc. receives EPA's Nutrient Recycling Challenge award for Phosphorus Recovery

Two-stage mixed plug flow AD technology with phosphorous recovery system ideal for agriculture industry waste

DVO, Inc. receives EPA's Nutrient Recycling Challenge award for Phosphorus Recovery

DVO, Inc.’s (DVO) Phosphorus Recovery system recently received honours at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Nutrient Recycling Challenge Summit in Washington, DC. The goal of the challenge was to identify technologies that not only help farmers manage nutrients from livestock manure and create valuable products, but also protect the environment.

“We are honored to be recognized for our innovative phosphorus recovery technology,” said DVO president, Steve Dvorak. “The practical ability to recover and recycle nutrients will make modern agriculture more sustainable and provide real benefits for our communities and the environment.”

The Nutrient Recycling Challenge was launched by the EPA in late 2015 in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, pork and dairy producers, and environmental and scientific experts. The EPA initially received 75 concept papers and recognized the top 10 submissions with awards. DVO received a spot in the top 10 with an “Honorable Mention Award” for its work on advanced phosphorus recovery.

DVO’s Phosphorus Recovery (PR) system is a fully commercialized and economical treatment process that removes up to 95 percent of the total phosphorus from large-scale farm and commercial waste streams and up to 55 percent of total nitrogen content from digested wastes. By treating these wastes first in DVO’s patented Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow anaerobic digester and then employing the add-on PR system, valuable nutrients are conserved and natural resources are protected by reducing the likelihood of runoff and water pollution.

Doug VanOrnum, vice president of technology and strategy at DVO, accepted the award at a ceremony at the White House Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC on March 30.

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