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2015 data shows carton recycling rate is rising in Canada

Efforts by CCC and stakeholders to promote recycling of food and beverage cartons in Canada are driving results

2015 data shows carton recycling rate is rising in Canada

The Carton Council of Canada (CCC) has found that efforts to promote the recycling of food and beverage cartons in Canada, such as those for milk, juice and soup, drive results. The data for 2015 shows that the national recycling rate for food and beverage cartons has grown significantly in recent years. Just five years ago, the carton recycling rate stood at 48.2%. By 2014 it had risen to 51.2%, and last year it reached 52%.

Ontario, in particular, is seeing positive results. According to a report by Waste Diversion Ontario on recycled materials for the year 2014, the number of tonnes of post-consumer cartons marketed by Ontario municipalities increased by 10% over 2013. This considerable increase confirms the growing demand for the material. This is especially significant considering the same report shows the total number of tonnes of marketed recycled material decreased by 1.7% in Ontario during the same time period.

These positive results lay the groundwork for all activities planned in 2016. The CCC has already activated some of its partnerships to further carton recycling across Canada. The CCC began 2016 developing tools and sustainable solutions to promote end-of-life carton management and recycling. "The introduction of a new Carton Recycling Primer for sorting centres, the production of a video and our biannual newsletter will support these efforts," says Isabelle Faucher, Managing Director of the CCC.

The CCC continues its commitment to Quebec communities

As an active member of the RECYC-QUÉBEC committee on recyclable materials, the CCC is helping to implement a pilot project to assess the added value and costs related to separating cartons collected at two Quebec sorting centres. Also in Quebec, the CCC is participating in the Tri-logique program, developed by Réseau Environnement, to help municipalities reach their environmental goals by raising citizen awareness about sound waste management. A summer promotional campaign will take place from May 2 to August 5, 2016.

The CCC in action in British Columbia

In 2016, the CCC will formalize a partnership with Multi-Material BC (MMBC), the non-profit organization funding the selective collection system for packaging and printed paper on behalf of member companies in the province. The aim of the partnership is to promote the collection of cartons to increase the quantities that are recycled and to sensitize citizens to the various categories of containers accepted for recycling in British Columbia.

Recycle Everywhere in Manitoba

This year, the CCC joined the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association in Manitoba and its program Recycle Everywhere 101 in order to increase the collection of beverage containers, including cartons, in all schools in the province. 

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