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ZenRobotics to introduce waste sorting robots to North America at Waste Expo 2016

Zenrobotics smart gripper is designed for gripping waste.
Zenrobotics smart gripper is designed for gripping waste.

Finland-based ZenRobotics Ltd and ML Environmental LLC recently announced they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the delivery of ZenRobotics waste sorting robots to the USA. ML Environmental will be handling the distribution of the ZenRobotics Recycler, the first commercially available robotic waste sorting system in the U.S., and the companies will be introducing the technology to the North American industry at this year's Waste Expo in June.

“ZenRobotics’ waste sorting robots are a long-awaited addition to the technologies used in the waste industry,” says Marcel Vallen, ML Environmental CEO. “Decades of experience with European recycling equipment have introduced us to great technologies, but these intelligent waste-sorting robots represent a new era in recycling.”

ML Environmental is a leading distributor of high-quality European recycling equipment, and says the company is always looking for innovative, cutting edge technology for the industry. According to the company, robotic waste sorting is raising a lot of interest in Europe, as robots could solve many of the challenges the recycling industry currently faces. High-quality fractions at a lower cost, as well as more simple and adaptable waste sorting plants are needed.

“We receive inquiries from all continents, especially from countries where employee safety and high cost of recycling are current concerns,” says Timo Taalas, ZenRobotics CEO. “We consider the entry to the USA a major breakthrough.”

According to ZenRobotics, features of this technology include flexibility, simplicity and efficiency. The operator can change the sorting task when waste changes. Also, users can teach the ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) to recognize new materials, allowing new use cases, and the technology can be easily upgraded with new features.

For simplicity of operation, ZRR is multitasking and sorts many different fractions at the same time. Recyclers don’t need various different equipment to do the sorting, and there is no need to resize or shred the waste, as ZRR picks different sizes at the same time. This saves in energy costs and reduces the need for pre-processing, meaning the ZRR can be installed with a very simple process.

Using ZenRobotics' waste sorting robots provides low operating cost and the possibility to run multiple shifts - even 24/7 - resulting in cost-efficient waste sorting with high-quality fractions. In addition, the company says, recyclers can define the value of different materials and ZRR prioritizes the most valuable objects.

In June, ML Environmental LLC will introduce ZenRobotics Recycler to the public at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas, held June 6-9.

ZenRobotics is the World’s first robotic waste sorting system.
Multitasking system: Sorting multiple fractions in one spot.

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