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Terex Environmental Equipment hosts North American dealer and customer conference at USCC's Compost 2016

Terex Environmental Equipment at the Compost 2016 Equipment Show.
Terex Environmental Equipment at the Compost 2016 Equipment Show.

Terex Environmental Equipment (TEE) recently hosted its much anticipated North American Dealer & Customer Conference in partnership with the U.S. Composting Council's Compost 2016, as it continues the rapid development of its brand across the United States and Canada. According to TEE, attendees walked away very impressed with how TEE Ecotec equipment operated at the on site demonstrations held concurrently with  Compost 2016, and were enlightened about the range of machinery found within TEE’s product line.

Among the machinery available for viewing were two horizontal grinders from TEE's CBI Legacy Series, the TBG680 (CBI 6800BT) and theTBG650 (CBI 5800BT). The two machines processed both land clearing debris and palm trees, and attendees could to see first-hand the performance of these machines for application in the mobile grinder market. The two tracked grinders were joined by the TDSV20 Medium Speed Shredder, the aggressive cutting action of the machine was evident as it easily processed difficult palm trees. The TDS820 Slow Speed Shredder completed the first scheduled block of live equipment demonstrations and showed attendees the benefits of a double shaft shredder with independent shaft drive as it processed C&D waste.

“We were very impressed with how each of our machines operated at Compost 2016,” said TEE Product Manager and Marketing Manager Steven Aiken. “There’s been a lot of preparation that went into the equipment show and to see everything run as smooth as it did was great. Each of our TEE service technicians were outstanding in their product support. A lot of credit also goes to the United States Compost Council, which was a pleasure to work with in coordinating the equipment site layout.”

Also at this year's Demo, feeding the TDS820 with material was the TWH226 Waste Handler, with high reach and an elevated cabin position, TEE says it let attendees see the benefits of this machine verses a standard excavator. The TEE operator was able to lift the material with the 360° swivel sorting grab and positon directly on the rotating shafts of the slow speed shredder.

“The displayed TWH226 performed very well,” said TEE Product Management Specialist Elena Sobolew. “Thanks to its sensitive hydraulics and rock-solid mechanics, maneuvers were carried out smoothly and effortlessly.”

TEE Ecotec also showcased the TTS620 and Phoenix 2100 from its trommel range. Ecotec says customers were impressed with the compact design of the TTS 620 and the ability to easily change the screening drum for different applications. The Phoenix 2100 with its proven design and large radial fines conveyor showed impressive production throughput in the high volume application. 

According to TEE, as rain began to fall at the Demo, customers looked on with interested to see how the screening equipment would perform in the more difficult sticky material. The demonstration TRS550 Recycling Screen really stood out as the machine which dealt with the challenge well. The aggressive flip flow bottom deck combined with a flexible rubber panel top deck continued to efficiently separate the material producing a high quality end fine product. Show attendants looked on and met with TEE personnel to further understand the technology behind each machine. The TWT500 Compost Turner was the final stop for guests as they made their clocked rotations around the equipment demonstration site. The unique compact design, discharge conveyor and tracked maneuverability captured the attention as people looked on at the TWT500’s powerful processing capabilities.

TEE says this year's COMPOST 2016 equipment show marked an end to a successful week for the company, and confirms its position as a global leader in the wood and compost recycling markets, and added that many of those that attended the dealer-only conference, on the first day of this year's event, were in no doubt that the future is bright for TEE and that they look forward to growing their dealerships with a strong brand.

“The response to the North American Terex Ecotec Dealer and Customer Conference that took place at Compost 2016 was outstanding,” said North American Sales Manager of TEE Ecotec, Art Murphy. “It provided us the opportunity to demonstrate our equipment for our dealers, customers and show attendees right alongside our competitors. In a live demonstration format the equipment speaks for itself and we welcome that opportunity.”

Terex TBG680 Ecotec equipment operating at the Compost 2016 Equipment Show.
The TWT500 Compost Turner was the final stop for guests as they made their clocked rotations around the equipment demonstration site.

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