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Fire suppression system does not require consistent water soure detects hotspots 24/7 and instantly suppresses heat source remotely

Designed to provide safety and peace of mind, FireRover’s first-of-its-kind patent-pending Proactive Monitoring Solution detects hotspots 24/7 and instantly suppresses any heat source with remote technology. This product is engineered to ensure that high risk areas, property and equipment are protected and secure, and is ideal for use in scrapyards and recycling facilities.

According to FireRover, when it comes to risk management, the key to limiting collateral fire damage is applying  suppression agents during the infant fire stage. FireRover does this reliably, while reducing damage, cleanup, repair, regulatory penalties and bad publicity.

For further safety, by conducting suppression remotely, employees and fire authorities are removed from the hazards posed by these incidents. The FireRover does not require a water source so it works in remote areas without access to a consistent water supply. Additionally, through pre-emptive monitoring, by trending normal and abnormal heat levels in a yard or facility, the FireRover solution can identify when the heat level of operating equipment is out of normal operating zones. 

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