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SIMS acknowledge ITAM Awareness month

Free webinar, December 9, to focus on Global Data Center IT asset disposition

 ITAM Awareness Month Presentation on December 9
ITAM Awareness Month Presentation on December 9

Sims Recycling Solutions, a leading provider of global IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, recently submitted an educational webinar which offers best practices on managing an ITAD program for a global data center. The presentation includes a case study of how Sims Recycling Solutions partnered with a Fortune 50 global financial institution to properly manage information bearing data center hardware on a global scale.

The Information Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) will be hosting this presentation on December 9, along with other recordings focused on related topics, to acknowledge IT Asset Management (ITAM) Awareness Month. Other complimentary materials offered to the ITAM community throughout the month include educational webinars, whitepapers, giveaways and other select content. After December 9, you may view the webinar recording on Sims Recycling Solutions’ landing page.

“We are pleased to contribute our expertise to the ITAM community through educational content that can benefit viewers,” stated Sean Magann, vice president of Sims Recycling Solutions. “We are grateful to have this exposure and hope we can help support and improve best practices throughout the ITAM industry.”

You may view all content including Sims Recycling Solutions’ webinar on the IAITAM website.

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