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Cresswood introduces company's largest model pallet grinder

Cresswood introduces company's largest model pallet grinder

Designed to provide mulch manufacturers, pellet producers. recycleres and biofuel companies with less noise, dust, and energy cost when using a grinder, Cresswood's new XR-2400 CRESSWOOD PALLET GRINDER is the largest model the company has ever manufactured. This grinder allows pallet companies to increase their output volumes to a new level in low-speed, high torque grinding. Units feature high throughput capabilities. the ability to be nested indoors due to less noise and dust, and lower energy cost when compared to other technologies, according to Cresswood.

The XR-2400 also features Cresswood's EVER-NEW technology, including:

  • Hydraulic Drop Down Screen Carriages Provide Safe and Easy Access to the Cutterhead
  • Oversized Ram to More Effectively Present Material to the Cutterhead
  • Extreme Oversized Gearbox Built for the Toughest Conditions
  • Replaceable Anvils and Anvil Support Plates
  • Replaceable Wear Seals on the Cutterhead
  • Replaceable Bed Plate

Other Features Include:

  • Single Source American Made Manufacturing
  • All Key Wear Items Are Replaceable
  • 30,000 Pound Shipping Weight
  • 1” Steel Plate Frame

Company info

55. W. Lincoln Hwy
Cortland, IL
US, 60112


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