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GreenWaste Recovery diverts 88 percent of incoming materials, processing in excess of 40 tons per hour

GreenWaste Recovery diverts 88 percent of incoming materials, processing in excess of 40 tons per hour

This past July, GreenWaste Recovery opened a new state-of-the-art material recovery facility at the company’s San Jose facility. The MRF was designed, manufactured and installed by Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), and will process both commercial and residential Single Stream recyclables at rates in excess of 40 tons per hour (tph).

The new system significantly expands the company’s processing capabilities, utilizing a BHS screen along with Nihot air and NRT optical technologies to maximize diversion. The system was designed for flexibility and is able to process a wide range of material streams, recovering more than 95 percent of available commodities such as plastics, metals, cardboard, paper and glass.

GreenWaste, started in 1991, is a privately owned and locally operated recycling and diversion company that specializes in the collection and processing of residential and commercial trash, yard trimmings, curbside recyclables, food waste and construction and demolition debris..

“GreenWaste Recovery is dedicated to minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfill,” said GreenWaste Recovery COO Frank Weigel. “By investing in the best technology available we are able to stay at the forefront of recycling; we are able to capture a very high percentage of incoming materials that will be used to create new products,” Weigel went on. “This system is another step forward as we continue to increase landfill diversion rates, striving towards a goal of zero waste.”

The technology package includes a BHS Bag Breaker to open bags from commercial sources without damaging commodities, a Nihot Single Drum Separator to recover glass, BHS’ 144-inch wide adjustable-angle screens with rear access, and NRT Pet Boost to maximize the recovery of wet and thin-walled PET plastics. The system is also designed to recover plastic bags using air and anti-wrap screen technologies.

“Glass and plastic bags have been troublesome for some operators to process,” said BHS CEO Steve Miller. “With this equipment, GreenWaste Recovery will be able to capture these materials at high volumes and uptime for years to come,” Miller continued. “GreenWaste Recovery’s ability to seamlessly process this material is a testament to the company’s commitment to recovery.”

According to GreenWaste Recovery, the new MRF in San Jose is one of the most innovative processing facilities in the world, capable of sorting and recovering 95 percent of recyclable materials and 75 percent of trash for a total facility diversion rate of 88 percent for household and commercial waste. 

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