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Machinex enhances range with Mach Hyspec optical sorting machine

machinex mach hyspec

Machinex Group has introduced its new optical sorting machine, the MACH Hyspec. As a leader in advanced sorting technologies for over 30 years, the company says that with this new and powerful optical sorting machine they can now offer all sorting solutions under one roof.

Using a technology made more efficient by a high speed, short wave infra-red (SWIR) hyperspectral detection system, the MACH Hyspec was developed by a specialized work cell of the Machinex Research & Development department. The different models available can detect different material types, such as plastics (PET, HDPE, PVC’ LDPE’ PP PS, etc.), as well as fiber products, including carton containers, wood products, and wood by grade (natural versus painted). In addition, these optical sorters have the option of colour recognition and a metal detector. The MACH Hyspec can be used in different types of material recovery facilities, such as single-stream, construction & demolition, municipal solid waste, and other applications.

This machine exceeds industry standards by using a high speed detection system that takes less than 1 millisecond to analyze the belt, allowing for the processing of a high volume of material in a short amount of time. The higher depth field detection of 430 mm on the belt has an unsurpassed efficiency on ejection of rolling objects, and maintenance Managers will appreciate no moving parts used in the optical and detection system. Additionally, the risk of fire is reduced to a minimum by unique, patent-pending light system technology, creating diffused light that generates low heat on material passing through the sorter.

Pierre Paré, CEO of Machinex Group, says: ʺFor over 12 years, we have integrated optical sorting into the systems we design and were supplied by European manufacturers. For a few years, with the collaboration of the INO services (National Institute of Optics), we have been developing our own range of optical sorting machines. The goal is to become more self-sufficient in our supply and have a machine that better meets our standards. Our customers can now benefit from a complete solution with Machinex equipment and service. ʺ

ʺThis is a major benefit for our customers, as we can now provide a single source system for almost all equipment. Machinex is renowned in the industry for its reliable systems, high quality products and personalized service, so customers can have great confidence in this new product,ʺ added Chris Hawn, Machinex Sales Manager.

Since 2013, Machinex has already installed several MACH Hyspec systems at customer facilities throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, providing a high level of sorting quality. Brendon Pantano, District Manager at Progressive Waste Solutions (Miami, FL), comments on the MACH Hyspec: “As a national company with MRF operations in several states and Canada, we have experience with optical sorting equipment from various vendors. The Mach HySpec optical sorter that we are using to sort PET at our Miami facility has not only surpassed other machines in efficiency and purity, but has also changed our mindset about the expectations we should anticipate from any optical sorter we purchase going forward.”

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