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New Terex Fuchs Material Handlers Loaded With Design Advancements

New Terex Fuchs Material Handlers Loaded With Design Advancements

From efficiency boosting hydraulics to fuel-saving emissions reductions to increased lifting power at extended reach, the new Terex Fuchs MHL360 F and MHL360 F HD material handlers are loaded with design advancements that increase operating efficiencies and performance in scrap, recycling, port, mill and other applications. With different boom and stick configurations to customize machine reach to job site demands, the MHL360 F Series handlers can pick material from up to a 59-ft (18-m) radius around the machine. Their elevated cabs offer a maximum 20.1-ft (6.1-m) eye-level elevation and independent forward movement of up to 7.2 ft (2.2 m) for excellent visibility while loading and unloading high-wall trailers and rail cars.

The MHL360 F Series handlers are powered by a new 255-hp (190-kW) turbocharged engine that uses both exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technologies to offer the most advanced, reliable and fuel-efficient method for meeting stringent emissions regulations. Passive regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) replaces previous active regeneration to provide a simpler system that eliminates the need for a burner for filter regeneration, thereby saving fuel.

The material handlers come standard with new programmable automatic engine shut-off and automatic idling features to further reduce fuel consumption. The MHL360 F Series handlers offer three-mode engine operation, so operators can tailor engine RPM to the demand of the job. “Power Mode” delivers full power and speed for heavy-duty applications such as feeding a shredder, loading/unloading trailers and rail cars, or magnet operation. For less-demanding projects, “Eco Mode” reduces engine RPM by 12% to deliver up to 27% fuel savings vs. 100% power mode, while still providing high lifting and slewing rates. When the material handler encounters low-demand tasks such as sorting, the operator can select “Eco+ Mode” to reduce engine RPM by 19%, saving up to 36% fuel vs. full power mode.

The Heavy Duty MHL360 F HD machine design includes several design enhancements over the standard MHL360 F handler. Offering a wider and longer undercarriage footprint, the MHL360 F HD handler provides increased operating stability, especially when working at extended reaches. “High volume scrap and port operations, who often work the handler at full reach, will appreciate the added lift capacity and stability of the heavy duty model,” says Terex Fuchs Technical Sales Specialist, Steve Brezinski. The heavy duty version comes with four single solid tires that offer a higher ground clearance than the standard MHL360 F. The machine which will be displayed at the ISRI Convention is equipped with a 25 kW Ohio generator and Hubbell controller for demanding scrap recycling environments.

The fine-tuned hydraulics of the F Series handlers deliver improved machine responsiveness to operator commands vs. previous models. A dedicated swing circuit allows both slewing and lifting functions with uncompromising precision, while system improvements require fewer turns of the steering wheel for improved on-site maneuverability. Faster response of attachment grab open and close and rotating functions improve load cycles over previous models.

Inside the spacious and comfortable cab, the new color Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) touchscreen display offers intuitive machine function control for more efficient operation. New joystick configuration places all critical machine movements within the operator’s reach and leaves room for customization, while the more responsive joysticks help to improve operator productivity and comfort. The updated cab also includes a new USB charger and additional storage areas. An optional catwalk running alongside the upper carriage at the operator’s cab provides enhanced access.

The Terex Fuchs MHL360 F Series handlers can be equipped with Terex Telematics. Tied directly into the handler’s dedicated CAN BUS system, the customizable system helps to improve machine efficiency, productivity and uptime for operations. It tracks machine location, fuel consumption and utilization, and its service indicators and maintenance interval alerts help to lower overall operating costs.

Purpose-built for the most demanding applications, the new MHL360 F Series handlers retain many tried-and-true design features that have made Terex Fuchs machines the reliable material handling solution. Inverted hydraulic boom cylinder mounting offers superior protection from debris, while rigid hydraulic pipes located on the stick, boom and undercarriage help better protect against damage. Bearing points on the boom and lift cylinders are reinforced with solid, full-length metal, while large pin diameters enhance stability. Steel plates shielding the hydraulic lines at the end of the stick deliver additional protection to improve system reliability. A rugged double-row slewing ring design disperses forces over two rows of bearings to improve component service life and durability. 

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