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Buffalo Turbine celebrates 70-year anniversary

Buffalo Turbine celebrates 70-year anniversary

Buffalo Turbine is celebrating their 70-year anniversary in 2015. Established in 1945, the company says their goal has always been to provide the highest quality blowers, sprayers and dust suppression equipment for the agricultural, military and municipal markets, including recycling and composting facilities.

The company says the heart of all Buffalo Turbine products came with the development of their proprietary turbine blower assembly, and that the design and usage technique, specifically the 360-degree nozzle control, revolutionized the sprayer and debris blower industries.

Based out of Buffalo, New York, Buffalo Turbine currently manufactures 14 different powerful model debris blowers that include engine driven, self-contained tow-behind and engine driven, self-contained skid-mount, 3-point hitch PTO, front-mount PTO, and hydraulic driven units, all built in the U.S. Each of these turbine blower models have been engineered over time to accommodate a wide range of applications and markets, from golf courses to recycling facilities, composting operations and landfills.

In 2008, Buffalo Turbine developed the Monsoon misting line specifically for dust and odour control. These systems utilize the existing turbine technology along with a gyratory atomizing nozzle (GAN) to effectively apply mist. Introducing atomized water droplets to dust is one of the best methods for controlling and reducing dust in commercial applications. By creating a canopy of micron size atomized fluid droplets, fugitive airborne dust particles instantly bond to it, then become heavier and drop to the ground.

Monsoon models range from electric, gas, diesel, PTO, and hydraulic, and are available with optional oscillation. Buffalo Turbine says Monsoons are quickly gaining traction in recycling, waste management and demolition, worldwide. Unlike previous solutions to dust and odour control, Monsoons are designed lightweight, maneuverable, cost effective and only require standard water supply pressure.

Monsoon Gasoline Complete for dust control

As  Buffalo Turbine celebrates their 70 year anniversary, the company has announced the availability of the new Monsoon Gasoline Complete (MGC2). In 2014 the company released their Diesel Monsoon Dust & Odor control model (BT-D1003M). The Diesel Monsoon was the first unit of its kind to incorporate a 270-degree oscillation ring which reduced weight, increased range, oscillation speed and maneuverability. Previous to its release, Buffalo Turbine offered optional oscillation through the use of a three-wheeled oscillation base which ranged from 30 to 80 degrees of oscillation. Since the release of the diesel monsoon’s oscillation ring, the company says they have been overwhelmed with customer requests for the same system to be fitted on their gasoline model. The result is the new gasoline-powered BT-MGC2. 

Buffalo Turbine’s new Monsoon Gasoline Complete for dust control.

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