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Customized Fabric Buildings Designed For Recycling and Waste Management

Customized Fabric Buildings Designed For Recycling and Waste Management

Choosing the right facility for a waste management or recycling operation can be difficult. Your building must hold up in corrosive environments and meet the precise needs of your operations. According to Saskatchewan-based Norseman Structures, fabric covered buildings are an excellent alternative to conventional buildings for many reasons and have become a preferred solution in the waste and recycling industry. The company says key advantages of Norseman Structures fabric building technology include a clear-span design, fast delivery and installation, lower operating costs and low maintenance.

Norseman Structures buildings are designed for a long service life under harsh conditions while protecting the environment from contamination. Buildings can be customized to create solutions for any waste management or recycling business with options including: doors, end-walls, side-walls, ventilation, liners, colours and foundations. Impermeable covers can also seal in unpleasant odors produced by waste processing and composting processes.

Fabric buildings by Norseman Structures are ideal for composting and recycling, transfer stations and wastewater, warehousing and equipment or vehicle maintenance shops. Fabric buildings provide a waste and recycling operation with environmental protection, reduced operations cost, and long service life under harsh conditions. They can also be relocated with minimal impact on the environment, will effectively contain odour and gas emissions, and a clear-span design provides high clearance interior for maximum height and sidewall clearance for machinery and equipment, as well as natural light. A translucent DuraWeave cover lets natural light into the building, even on cloudy days, for cost savings on power bills.

Fabric buildings by Norseman Structures can be specifically-designed to contain odour and gas emissions using impermeable covers, which will allow operators to avoid complications and protect neighbors from offensive odours and gases. To contain odour and gas emissions, Norseman Structures utilizes impermeable fabric covers. The fabric membrane provides excellent air tightness, sealing in unpleasant odours, while protecting the environment from contamination. Many customers choose Norseman buildings for their ability to withstand the corrosive effects of a moist environment. The galvanized steel frame system is coated with a corrosion barrier and the fabric cover is unaffected by ammonia gasses, so it will not weaken or break down. Liners prevent corrosive gases from coming into contact with trusses, further extending the life of the building. Norseman fabric buildings are also corrosion resistant, using a galvanized steel frame system clad with a triple-coated corrosion barrier. Plus, these fabric covers are inert to ammonia gasses so it will not weaken or break down.

Norseman Structures clear-span building solutions are designed to offer a vast amount of open space for waste & recycling operations. The column/support free interior of a Norseman building provides flexibility to maximize storage space and allows operators to maneuver equipment without hassle. Overhead doors, lighting, insulation, HVAC and flooring can be added to most Norseman buildings. As well, optional interior liners can be added to regulate air temperature and optimize conditions for decomposition. Plus, Norseman buildings can be relocated, modified or extended at any time to meet changing operational needs.

Norseman Structures waste & recycling buildings are designed to meet or exceed building codes, while taking into consideration upcoming industry requirements. They are easy to maintain and in most instances, the company says, are more cost effective than conventional construction for both the initial install and daily operation. Norseman buildings range in widths from 18' to 200', with custom designs up to 300', to any length. The company provides building consultants that work with customers to determine the best building model and size for the operation.

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