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Who Says Materials Analysis Can’t Be Fun? Oxford Instruments brings “smart science” to the “smart phone”.

Who Says Materials Analysis Can’t Be Fun? Oxford Instruments brings “smart science” to the “smart phone”.

Everyone who works or studies in the world of materials and elemental analysis agrees on two guiding principles: Accuracy of analysis is vital and speed of analysis is critical where time equals money. Oxford Instruments’ new “Materials Analysis eXpert” App just released for smartphone and tablet ticks both boxes, delivering an easy-to-use app combining a handy periodic table with a metal alloy guide and more.

With instant access to over 1200 alloys from 4 different grade libraries (AISI, GB, DIN & International), the eXpert allows comparison and evaluation of alloys to be tested or already tested, helping diagnose real time results from field analysis. Combining this with a periodic table, complete with elemental information including basic properties, principal X-Ray Lines, main wavelength spark OES data and suitable analysers for each specific element, depth of analysis is greatly improved. Nearly all functionality is available offline, including the periodic table and alloy guides. Additional social media and web options become available when online.

Popular with ‘first time’ users is having on-the-go ability to quickly compare the composition of up to 3 alloys from the palm of their hands. In the past, it has been the job of a laptop or computer to provide this data.

With such an extensive database of alloys, it can be hard to find a particular one, so to solve this issue the eXpert comes fully equipped with an alloy search function, which removes the need to scroll through libraries by allowing the user to search by the name of a specific alloy, or by its % composition.

The Materials Analysis eXpert also incorporates a product finder. Oxford Instruments offers analytical products for a wide range of markets from petrochemicals to mining, to electronics and coatings, and is also unique in being able to provide a complete metals analysis solution by offering three leading elemental analysis techniques: XRF, OES and LIBS. Finding the most suitable product for a particular analysis can be a complex task. Using the eXpert and through a concise list of questions into a particular market and task requirements, the product selector will narrow down options to give the best solutions.

Download the app here: or search within the respective app stores for the “Materials Analysis eXpert” 

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